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Aftercare Instructions

So you just got a new awesome tattoo! Now what?

1. Leave your covering on for at least an hour after completion.

2.When ready, remove covering and gently wash with warm soapy water and your hand ONLY to remove excess ink from skin and any dried blood etc.

3.Continued covering is NOT required. At this point, your tattoo needs both air and moisture in equal parts to begin healing so place a thin film of your aftercare product across the tattoo (We recommend a non fragranced product like Ink Keeper. Avoid thick application of any product as it will cause suffocation of the wound and lead to scabbing/poor healing.

4.Apply your product 2-4 times daily depending on your artists recommendation. Continue this for 10-14 days or until the tattoo is healed.

5.You can expect the tattoo to peel like a sunburn. The tattoo should not scab. If this occurs, there may be too much or too little aftercare being used, so contact your artist for advice in this situation,

6.Avoid swimming in the ocean, pools or spas. Avoid excessive touching or picking at the tattoo, allow it to take its natural course. Do not exfoliate. Do not wear tight clothing and avoid jewellery or anything that will rub against the tattoo, Loose cotton clothing is best for healing. Avoid pet hair and fragranced moisturisers/skin creams or products. No sun bathing or excessive UV exposure. All of this is for a period of 10-14 days depending on your personal rate of healing.

7.Contact your artist with any questions. DO NOT listen to just anyone that tries to give you advice. Only your professional tattoo artist or medical professional can give proper advice on how to care for your tattoo.

8. After the tattoo is fully healed you can start to moisturise with normal products and exfoliate lightly to remove dead skin cells. You can also let it see sun again but ALWAYS apply sun screen as UV will fade your tattoo.