Stefan Guiney (Steff) has 21 years experience as a Tattoo Artist. He started tattooing in Ireland and moved to Australia 17 years ago. Steff joined us after 8 years at The Tatt Shop in Northbridge and prior to that Five Star Tattoo in Fremantle. 

Steff loves tattooing.....nearly all styles, preferring custom designs that are specifically designed to fit the client. Bright colours and bold lines with a splash of good humour, Steff loves tattoos that put smiles on faces. 

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Steff reminding everyone to wash their h
Jack Skelington by Steff 🦇
Steff has been busy already creating art
Little healed pincushion  hedgehog by St
Steff has this Angry Benson piece availa
Steff has this Boba Fett helmet availabl
Steff would like to find a home for this
Little bit of sexy Flanders to brighten
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"That's a paddlin'" by Steff⁠
⁠_For all bookings and enquiries email s
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