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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to get a tattoo or know more about our studio? Read below to get the answer to some of our most frequently asked questions, and if you have any other enquiries, just hit us up on our contact form or on facebook!

Where are you located?
You can find us at Unit 18a/663 Newcastle St in Leederville, Western Australia. We are located next door to Rhubarb Records.

Do you have parking available?
We do not have specific allocated parking, however there is plenty of paid carparks located a very short walk away.


What are your shop hours?
We're open from 10am until 5pm Tuesday -Saturday, however if necessary our friendly and professional artists are happy to organise a time outside of these hours.


What services do you provide?
We offer tattooing and commissioned artwork, and our artists have also been commissioned for sign writing, graphic design, mural work, and more!

We have just added two highly skilled Cosmetic artists who offer cosmetic tattooing, eyelash extensions and facial waxing. 


What do you charge?
We charge an hourly rate at $220, with a minimum charge of $110, and we aim to quote as close as possible depending on the size and detail of the designs. Your artist will work closely with you in the lead up to the big day to ensure you're prepared with an accurate quote.


Do I have to make an appointment?
Appointments are always easiest, allowing us the time to work with you to ensure the end result is going to be something you cherish and love. We do happily accept walk-ins when our artists have available time, but it's always best to give us a call or send us an email / Facebook message to check


What do you mean I have to pay a deposit?
All of our artists work hard on their designs, and will put many hours into their work before you're even in the chair. A deposit (minimum $50) will secure your booking, and allow the consultation process and design to flow through, while protecting our artists unique work, as well as insuring you're design is just for you, and your deposit comes off the total price of the tattoo.


What if I need to cancel my booking?
We require a minimum 24 hours notice for any cancellations, and all deposits are transferrable, however not refundable.


How do I look after my tattoo once it's done?
Read over our Aftercare pagebut as a few general rules, make sure you keep new tattoo clean, away from the sun, no swimming, and utilise the aftercare balm. Your tattoo will generally take a week or two to heal, however this all depends on the size and the detail of the piece. Our artists will give you a complete Tattoo Aftercare sheet for any aftercare enquiries, and we're always just a phone call, email or Facebook message away for anything else. We also offer Ink Keeper Tattoo Balm for you to purchase, which is all natural, vegan, and WA owned and made.


Do I need to do anything before coming in?
Make sure you've eaten, you're well hydrated, and if you're in for a larger piece, bring yourself a book to read, or a tablet with a movie or music. Also, make sure you haven't had a fake tan applied within the last week, and you're all fresh and ready.


It's my 18th next week, can you tattoo me today?
Ink Remedy Tattoo Studio have a strictly 18+ only policy, so it doesn't matter if your birthday is tomorrow, or your mum or dad are with you. You will need to provide photo ID before any tattoo takes place.


Is it going to hurt?
Short answer, yes. Some areas are more painful than others, and it will also depend on your pain tolerance and the piece you're getting done. While we do not recommend using numbing creams beforehand as it may affect the skin and how the ink stays in, our artists are happy to take a break if necessary, and we can offer a numbing foam at times during the process. If you're a little nervous, take a couple of panadol before the procedure.


Do you use Vegan products?
All of our inks are vegan, as well as our aftercare. All of our artists use either green soap  or antiseptic solution during the tattoo process. Both are vegan friendly. If you have any concerns regarding what is being used during your tattoo your artist will be more than happy to answer any of your questions. 

How much for a sleeve / back piece / chest piece?
This question is going to end up with a hundred more straight back at you! For us to quote any job, no matter how big or small we need to discuss all the details such as what's going into the design, how much detail, colour, and a lot more. If you are looking at getting a large piece or a sleeve, book in for a free consult with one of our artists where we can start working with you on the design you want.


Can I bring my child into the studio with me?
We prefer children not to be in the studio, however we can also understand sometimes (especially with kids), things happen. If you do need to bring your child with you, they cannot be in the tattooing area, but can stay in our customer waiting area if they have someone with them.


Can my mates come down and watch me get tattooed?
While we don't mind you having a friend for support or comfort, groups of people can be very distracting for our artists, who are concentrating hard to ensure the permanent piece of art being put onto your body is perfect. However your friends are welcome to wait in our customer area.


Will you tattoo my hands / neck / head / face?
As a general rule, unless you are considered "heavily tattooed" (and not, we don't mean you have 3 already) the answer here is no. Tattooing has a very rich culture spanning back to tribal days, and while more recently the social stigmata of being tattooed has become more accepted, our artists are not going to tattoo a highly visible area with no other tattoos leading into it. While we respect your right to do with your body as you wish, please also respect our artists rights to refuse a job.


Can I get a realistic Van Gogh "Starry Night" about the size of a 5 cent piece?
Unfortunately not. Tattoos will over time "bleed out", and our artists are very well experienced in how much detail they can put into an area to ensure that it will stay as a magnificent piece for as long as you live. Please try and take our artists suggestions on board when asking for highly detailed pieces in small areas


I got a tattoo from you last month, and some bits that have faded!
This will happen from time to time, which is why we offer a free touch-up within 6 months for all tattoos we have done. Keep in mind, there are some areas of the body where tattoos will fade a lot quicker than others, such as feet, hands, joint areas and inner lips.


I found this picture from a tattoo artist on Instagram, can you do this on me?
As a matter of respect for other artists, we will not do a copy of someone else's work. We can work with you however, using their design as a reference to create something unique and personal for you


I've got a big tattoo over multiple sessions, can I just pay once it's all finished?
We will need payment on the day for every tattoo, even if it's part of a larger piece. We only earn money when we tattoo, and for us to keep bringing you great designs and service, we need to ensure our customers are paying on the day. However you are welcome to pay extra to put towards the next session if you would like to.


I'm a little nervous, can I have a few drinks before I come down?
Our studio is 100% alcohol and drug free, and we will refuse service to anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs, as this can cause complications in the tattooing process, and can be unsafe for our artists.