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The Good, The Bad and The Leederville Council


The last few months have been interesting to say the least. As some of you may know, we haven’t held a gallery opening since the Perth Fringe Festival, with the art of David Grant gracing our walls. It was a huge success, with many local artists and fans through the doors to view his amazing work. With such a great success, all of us here at Ink Remedy were ready for more, and ready to showcase more great Perth talent. Little did we know, there was a storm brewing!


Having run as a “Temporary Public Space” since our opening, all was well with being able to hold openings for artists, however it seems there were some issues with our venue, or more particularly our doors. Through months of looking at other options, receiving letters of support and even having the local newspaper and a well known TV show reach out to us, all has come to a head, and regrettably, we have had to make the decision to close our art gallery.


Do not fear though, because all is not lost! We have plans to reorganise and reshape the shop a little bit, starting with our floors being redone, and culminating in a new space for our artists to draw their designs, and a very big possibility of room for another artist or two to join our loving little Ink Remedy Family.


So stay tuned fans and friends, there’s more on the way, and as anyone who knows us can attest, nothing shall bring us down!

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