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West Coast Lowdown


Now that we've once again made our mark at the Australian Tattoo Expo, we're back in the shop for a month before we're hitting up another great convention in Perth, the West Coast Lowdown!


Hot Rods, Choppers, Low Riders, a Build-off, Pinstripers, Artists, Vendors, Bands, a Skate Ramp, and of course, our favourite, TATTOOS!!!!


You can find us flying under our new banner you would've seen at the Tattoo Expo, and we're sending along three of our artists, Rachel O'Shea, Darcie Kapor and Curtis Pettigrove! We're going to be doing ready to go flash pieces for a great price, including classic and timeless Sailor Jerry flash, as well as some of the guys original designs.


Make sure you get down for one hell of a weekend, and make sure to drop by our booth to get some ink or buy some prints while you're there!



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