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Artist Profile – Rachel O'Shea (Boss Lady)


Years Tattooing: 7

Favourite Style: You name it, I'll do it!


It’s come time for our favourite boss’s artist profile! Having been an artist her whole life, Rachel has lived and worked in some of the most beautiful places on earth, with a background you’ll hear about very soon which may surprise some of you! Read on and get to know one of the most amazing people you’ll ever meet, and see why we all love working here at Ink Remedy with the beautiful and amazingly talented Rachel O’Shea.


Heya Boss, Let’s start with an easy one before we try and trip you up with the tricky ones! Having been an artist of different mediums, what pushed you towards tattooing?


I got into tattooing after living overseas and working as a scientific illustrator. There wasn’t much work back here for that so I started painting and exhibiting again. I gave a painting to a friend for his 40th birthday and he hung it in his workshop office. The guy who had the workshop next door to my friend saw the painting and loved it. Turned out he was a tattoo artist and owned the tattoo shop in midland. He called me and offered me an apprenticeship. So I took it and the rest is history.


We here at the shop know, but for those who don’t, you used to live in New Caledonia after working in Queensland as a marine biologist! Can you give us an insight to what that was like and what led you there?


I went there with my ex husband and my children. My ex is a Fisheries Scientist and got a job there. I’d worked as a marine biologist in Townsville (where I studied) and in Perth as a zoologist for the wa museum. When I got to noumea I found the time to start painting again and soon after we arrived I landed a job as a scientific illustrator with the Secretariat of the Pacific Communities. I did that for 4 years and just worked around the boys going to school. It was great there. Tropical beaches, champagne, designer french clothes, french patisseries. Can I go back?


Unfortunately not, you hired us, now you're stuck with us! What drives your inspiration for your art?


Mostly I’ve painted animals as I did that for Work and got very familiar with it but sometimes I just get an idea, dream about something or have too much wine and come up with the best idea ever. Lately I’ve started painting again and I’m challenging myself with portraits. I’m painting my ballet teacher Andries to enter the Black Swan portrait prize. Last night I also started a self portrait just because I thought it would be an interesting exercise in self awareness. So far I have discovered I’ve got pretty nice eyes.


We're sure everyone agrees with that last statement! Completely with bias, we think the team here at Ink Remedy is pretty bloody awesome. What do you look for in an artist when you hire?


Someone who is not a wanker! Each of the artists at Ink Remedy is different but each of them had a passion for their art and tattooing which I think is really important. I encourage art at the studio. Not only with their tattooing but with their painting and drawing.  And not a wanker! Did I mention that?


We see that you’ve recently (and finally) set up a facebook page for your painting (Check it out here)! What medium do you most like to work with, and what’s your favourite subject matter?


Shit I think I answered this in question 3 all except medium. I usually paint in watercolour as traditionally it’s the medium for scientific illustration. I did discover it’s not so great for portraits so I’m delving into the acrylics again with much guidance from Paulie. Thanks Paulie 👍.


Onto a different type of art, we all know you have a wide range of taste in music, a little birdy told us that you absolutely love hip hop and rap! Is this true?


Is that even music? No really? I’m serious. Everyone at Ink Remedy knows that really the only time I ever really yell and swear is when I hear this shit. If I was queen of the world it seriously would be outlawed. As I’m not the queen of the world (yet) it’s unfortunately still being produced. I think the artists at Ink Remedy are unaware of how it hurts my soul when they play it in my presence. Maybe if they read this they may be more aware of my pain!


Haha, we knew we'd get a good answer off that one! Thanks for sharing with us Rach, and thanks for being the amazing boss we all know and love!





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